• The new academic year at RISEBA will commence on 1st September at 12:00

    septembris  63 of 170 Welcome to RISEBA!

    Thank you for choosing RISEBA – the PLACE WHERE BUSINESS MEETS ARTS!

    The new academic year at RISEBA will commence on 1st September at 12:00 in the courtyard of 3 Meza Street with a special event for all undergraduates (no matter what your study programme, mode or type of study is). First you will be addressed by RISEBA rector and introduced to the University, our culture, standards, teaching staff, as well as your department and programme of study. Of course you will have a possibility to meet other programmes’ students as well. Afterwards we all will join a RISEBA student procession from RISEBA main campus to RISEBA Architecture and Media centre H2O 6.

    Full-time students will have Induction Week on 2–5 September when freshmen will be introduced to RISEBA learning environment and get to know coursemates through a series of interactive and exciting activities.

    All postgraduate programmes’ first year students are kindly invited to the year opening meeting on 15 September at 18:00.

    More info to come soon – follow us via social networks and be the first to get the news!






  • White Night 2014 at H2O 6 – Gerald Kurdian’s performance and short films by AVMA students

    SPACEOUTv3On September 6, PIGEON-BRIDGE and RISEBA invite everyone to join an adventure beyond the space at Pārdauga creative quarter, Centre of Architecture and Media H2O 6, and experience the emotions that probably do not even exist, at the Space.OUT event, organized in terms of White Night forum.

    Space ships, weird costumes, aliens... Are these the ancient times, made-up future or today’s reality? Space.OUT with a small help of French sci-fi Space opera “1999” and a series of short movies at RISEBA Centre of Architecture and Media H2O 6.

    Space.OUT will begin at 7 PM with an exhibition of RISEBA Audiovisual Media Arts’s students’ SHORT FILMS, that will last until the very end of the event (1 AM). Shorts created by RISEBA students and graduates will inaugurate a new world of unusual life events and twists.

    In 1970s, people developed fantastic ideas about how space could look like in 1990s. As an example, there could be named sci-fi TV series “Space: 1999”. Could you imagine yourself in a situation, where you should leave the Earth and get to another orbit? Could you survive in a violent clash with uncontrollable space?

    Today we can explore the differences between made-up future and actual reality in a talented French indi-rock and stage artist Gerald Kurdian’s musical performance “1999”, themed on 48 episodes of „Space:1999”. Gerald created a Space Opera, his very own solo performance, provided with a help of his laptop, piano and some old school musical equipment. The mission „1999” begins at 9 PM and ends at 11 PM. Seats are limited, as well as the BEANBAG spaceships.

    Gerald Kurdian is a French-born artist, whose fields of work include various art languages, such as stage and video arts, music and music production, films and multimedia. His works include a touch of surrealistic pop utopia and a big deal of humor, assisting him in raising questions about hot topics. You will hear ballades, pastorales and miniatures, complemented by electronic devices and sounds of the piano. Gerald created various musicals performances, that are well-known and performed in US festivāls and other countries. http://geraldkurdian.com

    Rīgas domes Izglītības, kultūras un sporta departaments, Culture Capital Foundation of Latvia
    COOPERATION PARTNER: Centre of Architecture and Media H2O6
    PUPU MAISS, Gutenberga druka, caféTvaiksValmiermuižas alus, TNT Latvia.
    Delfi.lvVeto MagazineArterritory.comMāmiņu klubs, Radio Klasika, ¼ Satori, Dance.LV.


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